Julia Grumbach
Digitale Erweiterung von Brettspielen am Beispiel des Regelwerkes

Chunk Test Runde 1 Prototyp

Konfigurationstest Prototyp

Konfigurationstest-User interagiert mit der App und dem Spiel gleichzeitig

Julia Grumbach
Digitale Erweiterung von Brettspielen am Beispiel des Regelwerkes

Interaktive Mediensysteme IMS - Master


Prof. Dr. Ludwig John

Mit welchen Methoden kann eine digitale Anleitung eines Brettspiels das Spielverständnis verbessern?

Board games are a popular hobby, but board game instructions and their format have seen little development past the standard printed manual. This study aims to determine how digital rulebooks in the form of an app can improve the board game experience.

To answer the question which methods can be used to enhance the comprehension of instructions for players, multiple user tests were conducted. Different hypotheses were constructed for each test and then confirmed or rejected based on the data collected with new players. Each test featured a new digital prototype, which presented the instructions according to the hypotheses.

These tests showed that information users absorb must be delivered in small chunks that allow the users to play while learning the instructions at the same time. Users should be able to interact directly with the rulebook. The app should only provide the information that is relevant to them in their current situation. Furthermore, users prefer having multiple options to absorb information based on their personal needs.

However, the users should not be using the tutorial continuously. The app needs to prevent the users from becoming passive and following the prompts without planning their own steps. Future works could focus on combining these findings or translating them into augmented reality. Further research must be conducted in order to ensure the app keeps the users engaged with the game over multiple rounds.