Ghost-Key with Augmented Reality

Being secured with invisble key

In the technology era our daily life is interrelated with technologies, Monetary technologies are the core innovations that happened to our life which made our life easier and enjoyable. The monetary card (ATM cards) are used daily in unlimited places. The payment with this way requires a security of pin codes. But this brought a new challenge for this technology. Scammers used a plenty of ways to hack our pass code every day. We are not secured while we insert our pass codes at public places.

Ghost-key with augmented reality brought a new dimension of security method, that can replace the physical keypad with virtual keypads. The owner is the lonely person who can see the keypads in public or private places. The user interacts with key codes with eye interaction (gaze interaction). Smart glasses or cardboard will be used as a device to implement the AR functionality.

User test done to check if the ghost-key is functional regarding the security purpose and the result was as expected. Majority result shows the invisibility of the keypads increased the user satisfaction regarding security.