Cui Lina

Cui Lina

Cui Lina

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Lina Cui

An APP for Reducing Personal Food Waste

Raum M3.02

Food waste is one of the serious wastes that occur every day but easy to be ignored. It seems to have no impact on our daily lives, but actually, in a long-term, it would cause not only the loss of money but also a lot of damage to the environment.

In this thesis, the author tried to demonstrate an efficient way to reduce personal food waste, and meanwhile, an incentive system was proposed that encourages users to take food waste seriously and improve this problem by doing efforts in a long process.

Lean UX design method was applied in research progress, based on personas and context of use some assumptions were proposed and verified. Basically taking food-image is an intuitive and convenient way for recording food conditions and checkable without any limitation. Besides, a new incentive method was presented, that is a combination of charitable donation and personal saving.


Prof. KP Ludwig John
Prof. Daniel Rothaug



Cui Lina