Manbeing is a safe and collaborative platform for men who want to challenge contemporary masculinity and its implications. Visit the website. Explore. Read what other men have posted. Empathize with them. Comment on their stories. Share your own stories, anonymously. Download our posters for free, print them out and hang them up anywhere to spread the word and support the campaign. Help make the transition from a one-size-fits-all masculinity to something a little more flexible.


The posters' copy speaks the “Code of Masculinity” — must do's as a man, such as "Stay Hard", "Don't Feel", and "Make Money". They use over-the-top masculine aesthetics to highlight the impossibility of attaining the masculine ideal, and emulate an advertising campaign, subverting masculine values using the aesthetics that helped set them in place (a technique called "culture jamming").

Kommunikationsdesign (BA)

Amir Steinberg

Manbeing — a campaign for a more flexible and healthy masculinity

Raum M3.09a

Manbeing set out to be a digital campaign, aiming to bring awareness to harmful parts of stereotypical masculinity and create conversation leading to a more flexible definition of it, while not alienating men who might feel comfortable with it.

It currently consists of a website, and a series of posters and a video promoting it. On the website, one can read personal, anonymous stories of men's experiences with stereotypical notions of masculinity—how they've been hurt by them, and how they've hurt others because of them. One can also add his own stories, comment or send empathy to those who have added them. The series of posters is downloadable in full-size for printing, to help support the campaign and spread word of it.

Visit the live version at:
(currently not optimized for mobile devices.)


Prof. Stefan Bufler
Jens Masmann





Posters for Film Festivals

These posters were designed to hit the spot, so to say. One concise image was to portray a film festival's essence. Chosen for the purpose were the Porn Film Festival Berlin (an alternative, independent film festival focused on sexuality, politics, feminism and gender issues), the Berlin Independent Film Festival and Tearjerkers Drama Film Festival (the last is made-up, naturally.)


Branding for Gender-Neutral Hardware Store

We were to brand a shop in our neighborhood, setting it apart from others in its category. I noticed that in my neighborhood's hardware store, the owner, as opposed to others, never looks down on customers, regardless of their gender and manliness (or lack thereof). The equals sign is used for the logo, then echoed throughout the project's photographic language. The colors used are blue and pink -
classic for boys' and girls' toys - but with a twist.


Ladle Rat Rotten Hut

This is my interpretation of "Little Red Riding Hood" using manual printing techniques. The illustrations are based on "Ladle Rat Rotten Hut", a text based on the story, but re-written with similar-sounding words substituting for the original folk tale, as part of an ersatz-language called "Anguish Languish". The collages are then based on the odd words used for the characters' names and descriptions (for example, “groin murder" instead of "grandmother".)